Race Human Chimera
Nationality Amestrian
Birthplace Amestris
Gender Male
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Greed
Previous Occupation Greed's Spy
Base of Operations Devil's Nest, Dublith, Amestris
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Skills Wall-Crawling
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 25
Anime Debut Episode 13
Japanese Voice Yuji Ueda
English Voice Greg Ayres

Bido (ビドー Bidō) is a Chimera, fused with a Gecko, that was under the employ of Greed before his death.


Bido takes the appearance of a short, pale man, with big eyes and small pupils. He is bald, with several patches of dark skin around his temple. He wears a large, tattered cloak over his entire body. Being a chimera that was fused with a gecko, he also has noticeably long and sharp fingernails, and a large tail.


Bido is a very loyal chimera, faithfully following Greed. He does his missions with the utmost loyalty. However, he also appears to be cowardly and self-preserving, as seen when he did not help his comrades when the State Military attacked the compound out of fear of death, and later when he was searching for Greed.


Bido first appears in Dublith, begging for money from the Elric brothers, until Edward Elric kicked him in the face and threw a trashcan into it. He then points out that one of them has had their soul transmuted. When Alphonse Elric tells him to stop, he instead uses his tail to reveal him as the transmuted soul and begins to flee, easily climbing over the wall Edward made to restrain him. Later, it was revealed that his actions were all under the orders of Greed to scout out new members. [1] He was seen outside of the compound when the military attacked it, avoiding death.



  • Wall Crawling:



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